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Is Your Wordpress Website Driving You Mad?

Is Your Wordpress Website Driving You Mad?


Over the years, one of the biggest hurdles my Clicks & Leads clients face is the challenge of finding a competent, reliable techie person to set up, run and make changes to their WordPress website.

While you can find some great people on Upwork, the cultural differences can lead to a few frustrations. Anyone who has been suddenly ghosted by their techie will know the pain.

Well, finally, I’ve caved into the pressure and scratched your itch for you.

It’s a simple offer:

  1. We will set up your 5-page WordPress site (including copywriting & pictures)on your own hosting account, using your domain name. You retain control of both.

  2. We will maintain it, keep it secure and action up to 1 hours worth of small changes each month

  3. We will maintain it, keep it secure and action up to 5 hours worth of changes per month.

I’ll even tell you straight if you don’t need a WordPress website, if you could get away with using Carrd.co in the early days.

You get to ask unlimited questions anytime. This offer does include simple graphic design but does not include custom coding. The last package can include setting up, running & distributing your weekly podcast via Substack - just like this one - if you supply the edited audio and thumbnail

We’ll be available in UK Office Hours, you can contact us anytime on Whatsapp and, once a month, book in for a quick 15-minute marketing chat.

We will be taking on limited numbers of clients in the early days so that we can get our existing systems nailed down and ready to scale up.

Like the sound of that?

Visit WPExpertUK.com for more details and for how to sign up.

Warm regards


A Better Entrepreneur With Nicola Cairncross
A Better Entrepreneur
A raging entreprneeur herself from the age of 8, Nicola is fascinated with what makes entrepreneurs tick. After many years failing in the real world, Nicola started online at the age of 35, in 1995 with nothing but a book about building websites using HTML. She bought her family's names as her first domains in 1995 and since then has witnessed - and executed on - the arrival of blogging, Twitter & Facebook, YouTube and podcasting. She has vast experience of marketing many “real world” businesses online, Nicola now lives in Shoreham, and visits Greece whenever she can, but travels the world, consulting and creating digital marketing strategies for solo business owners and SME’s. For the more modest business budget, Nicola loves helping aspiring online business owners be more successful via her online Community. Visit Nicola at NicolaCairnX.com and find out more.