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Let Me Tell You A Story... Chapter 1

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Nicola Cairncross
Nicola Cairncross started online in 1995 with nothing but a book about building websites at the age of 38. She bought her family's names as her first domains in 1995 and since then has witnessed - and executed on - the arrival of blogging, Twitter & Facebook, YouTube and podcasting. She has vast experience of marketing many “real world” businesses online, Nicola now lives in Shoreham, and visits Greece whenever she can, but travels the world, consulting and creating digital marketing strategies for solo business owners and SME’s. For the more modest business budget, Nicola loves helping aspiring online business owners be more successful via her Clicks & Leads Academy Community. Visit Nicola at NicolaCairnX.com and find out more.
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Good day!

I’ve just given my YouTube channel a complete overhaul. More about that below and why you might want to consider it if you have one.

Today, I start the audio serialisation of my new book, which I’m still testing out titles for.

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I could really use your help with getting a few Likes on the video to help the algorithm decide who my target audience is! So please consider clicking through and Liking it!


Help me choose the title for the book here via Google Forms: https://forms.gle/DHseLSbzkHCuHxaF6

YouTube Overhaul

I followed a specific process where I exported my data from the last 3 months and LIFETIME (!!!) and then imported it into a spreadsheet which sorted the videos into


Kites being videos that still get views, good engagement and turn into subscribers.
Declining Kites being Kites that are just not doing so well nowadays. Perhaps a change of thumbnail or title might help?
Anchors being videos that are not doing so well nowadays. These have to be sorted out into vanilla content and potential detractors.
Detractors are videos that may be bringing views but not from the right kind of audience, or the thumbnail looks bad or ‘off brand’ or the topic is just plain wrong now.

It’s a painful process and you have to be brutal about making Private all those videos that are Detractors, or Anchors that could be Detractors. Then there’s the work of making new thumbnails or choosing new titles (although my VidIQ software helps with both of those).

It also shocks the channel but hopefully in a good way as it’s proven to raise viewers after a week where the algorhythm sorts itself out.

This technique came from my latest YouTube guru Nate Black, who used to work for Project24 / Income School, a course I recommend, having just done it myself. Here’s their video (with Nate) on how to audit your Channel.

Talk soon!


p.s. When you are ready, there are three ways I can help your business:

  1. Download my book ‘Attract 3.0’ here at NicolaCairnX.com). Then, if you would like to discuss how my Digital Marketing Consultancy can help your business sell more, just book yourself into my diary for an initial chat about your business

  2. Not ready for that yet? Discover how to ‘Be Everywhere Online’ and turbocharge your marketing with my support, by joining ClicksAndLeads.academy

  3. Or if you just want some help with your WordPress Website check out WPExpertUK.com

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