May 18 • 8M

Secret Shopping Your Own Website

Especially before going on the Richard Vobes Show!

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Nicola Cairncross started online in 1995 with nothing but a book about building websites at the age of 38. She bought her family's names as her first domains in 1995 and since then has witnessed - and executed on - the arrival of blogging, Twitter & Facebook, YouTube and podcasting. She has vast experience of marketing many “real world” businesses online, Nicola now lives in Shoreham, and visits Greece whenever she can, but travels the world, consulting and creating digital marketing strategies for solo business owners and SME’s. For the more modest business budget, Nicola loves helping aspiring online business owners be more successful via her Clicks & Leads Academy Community. Visit Nicola at and find out more.
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This week I've been to 4-5 websites to buy things, from tickets to curries, and not one of them worked!

Granted 2-3 of them were non-profits but still, surely they could find volunteers to make sure links worked, that they could collect emails or, even more important, take the money!

Surely that's the whole point of a website?

ESPECIALLY if you are about to appear on Richard Vobes’ YouTube Channel where you are going to be exposed to THOUSANDS of people who will want to help you (if only they could find you)!

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